Take control of the in home medical and health services of your loves ones with Pocket Care Manager - the smart phone application that reduces the time, effort and stress related to family caregiving.


As family care managers we are ultimately responsible for assuring the delivery of appropriate and timely care to our family members who live at home and require in home medical and health services. We often find ourselves in the situation of being sandwiched between our family caregiving responsibilities and our own professional and personal responsibilities. Pocket Care Manager application addresses this problem by reducing the time, effort and stress related to family caregiving.

We provide families with secured, private networks to organize and manage the paid and unpaid caregiving required to meet the medical, social and home health needs of family members.


  • Private Network – Each family has its own secured, private network to coordinate communication among family caregivers, family members and friends (and paid caregivers if a family chooses). Through these networks, family members send notifications, prompts and alerts for upcoming events, deadlines and critical incidents or impending problems.

  • Task Management – PCM task management is designed specifically for organizing and managing day-to-day tasks including scheduling services, support, and appointments, in addition to real time monitoring of service delivery.

  • Secure Private Data Management – Stores information such as lists of medications, social, health and medical histories, and personal and emergency contact information.

  • Employer Recordkeeping – For families hiring independent contractors, PCM supports the role of employer by providing:
    • Employee application
    • Assistance with references and criminal background checks
    • Employee timesheets
    • Payroll calculations
    Upon hiring, information contained in the employee application is populated into employee timesheets, tax forms, and the payroll calculation function.

  • Documentation and Reporting – PCM documentation creates histories of:
    • Service delivery and appointment calendars
    • Service expenditures
    • Employee payroll calculations
    • Service delivery conversations and decisions

  • Data Collection and Service Gaps – Collection of consumer and caregiver unmet service needs and service provider performance and quality data, which will be used by professional service providers to reduce the cost of retention and recruiting customers, and to obtain customer feedback of their performance.